Saturday, August 31, 2019

A Few Things

I cannot believe summer has come to an end and we are back into the school year already. Summer seemed to fly by this year, but as someone who doesn't necessarily love summer, I am not sad about it.
I love a routine, schedules, and school supplies more than I probably should.

1) Anna-Kate started preschool this year.  Since we moved to Alabama, two years ago, she has been at home with me.  It was a sweet season but I was made to be a school mom. I love a car line and packing lunches and don't even get me started on the scholastic book club.  I love every bit of it.
2) Caleb did not start preschool this year and he is not happy about it.  He gets really mad every time we drop sister off at school and he is stuck with mom all day. I've had to step up my mom game a little bit but it has been fun to enjoy some one on one time with him. Its fun to watch their personalities develop over time.

3) AK has also started ballet this past week and I am loving every bit of being a dance mom.  She is flourishing in ballet and I love getting to spend time at the dance studio talking with friends while my girl dances her little heart out.

4) I read a book this summer that I cannot stop thinking about which basically means EVERYONE needs to read it.
I checked it out from our local library and COULD NOT put it down.  It is a true story of a young missionary in the jungles of New Guinea and her four years in a notorious Japanese prison camp. She constantly speaks of her faith and how she managed to make it through such hardship while keeping her eyes on Jesus. I highly recommend reading it. 

That's all for now. Happy Weekend. 

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